Willow Lake Métis Group News

Willow Lake Métis Nation Welcomes Michael Robert

We recently posted looking for a senior financial leader who had hands-on experience building an organization from the ground up and was excited to face the challenge again. We are pleased to announce we have found the right candidate: Michael Robert has accepted the position of controller for Willow Lake Métis Nation, effective today. He will serve as a critical resource as we continue to grow our Nation.

Michael has more than 20 years of experience in the business world specializing in finance. He has served as vice president of finance, director of corporate strategy and finance, CFO, controller, and finance specialist – all mostly in the Calgary region. He has experience in the oil and gas sector including engineering, pipelines, services, and construction as well as in the banking and personal finance sectors. Michael’s vast experience has assisted him in turning around companies while building the base for successful growth in others.

Michael received his MBA from Royal Roads in 2013. He is currently working on a Masters of Global Management from Royal Roads, which he will complete in August 2022. His primary focus is leadership and working with his team to reach their potential while enjoying the journey along the way. Michael was awarded Manager of the Year in Japan for a large nationwide organization while being a key cog in an organization, winning the most psychologically friendly medium-sized company in Alberta.

Community is important to Michael. Originally from Nanaimo, BC, Michael has spent the last 18 years in Calgary following a three-year adventure in Japan. When he’s not working, Michael can be found volunteering with local volunteer clubs, coaching kids’ sports, or playing sports himself.

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