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Willow Lake Métis Nation Flag Raised in Anzac, A Vital Step Towards Reconciliation

The ceremony marks the first flag-raising since the passing of the Municipality’s new Flag Policy recognizing and incorporating Indigenous community flags, including the Willow Lake Métis Nation flag.

REGIONAL MUNICIPALITY OF WOOD BUFFALO, AB, Aug. 19, 2021 /CNW/ – The historic flag raising ceremony saw the Willow Lake Métis Nation (WLMN) flag raised and displayed at gazebo park in Anzac for the first time. As documented members of the community since 1856, the contribution of the WLMN will be formally recognized as their flag permanently flies alongside the Canadian, Alberta, and Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo flags in Anzac. The Act demonstrates a willingness to work collaboratively towards further reconciliation and future prosperity for the Anzac community, and the WLMN.

“This is an important and meaningful day of recognition for the Métis People of Willow Lake, and the community of Anzac,” said Willow Lake Métis Nation’s Vice President and CEO, Justin Bourque. Adding, “we acknowledge the hard truths of our past, but we know that our past does not dictate our future, and today demonstrates our willingness and commitment to do better.”

The ceremony marks the first flag-raising since the Municipality unanimously passed an updated flag policy that is inclusive of Indigenous flags in July 2021. The updated policy serves as an acknowledgement of the WLMN’s history, as their flag is now permanently raised in Anzac at the gazebo park and at the Anzac Fire Hall. The raising of the flag provides a visual reminder to recognize and honour that the land upon which Anzac sits includes that of WLMN.

“We hope actions like this show how the RMWB is committed to implementing recommendations from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada, and we look forward to continuing this work with all Indigenous communities as partners towards true reconciliation,” said Deputy Mayor Phil Meagher. “This visual acknowledgement will be a reminder that this land is the traditional lands of Indigenous peoples and it is our intent that the raising of this flag show respect to the governance and members of Willow Lake Métis Nation.”

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