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Willow Lake Métis Nation Establishes Development Corporation Alongside Inaugural Partner, Elemental, Redefining Reconciliation Through Community Prosperity and Generational Opportunity

The newly formed partnership between Elemental and the Willow Lake Métis Nation strives to be an example of how thoughtful business partnerships with equity opportunities for Indigenous communities can unite Métis people across Canada.

REGIONAL MUNICIPALITY OF WOOD BUFFALO, AB, June 1, 2021 /CNW/ – Willow Lake Métis Nation (WLMN) and Elemental, an infrastructure and sustainability corporation, have announced a new partnership, creating the Willow Lake Métis Nation Development Corporation. The Development Corporation will focus on economic inclusion for Indigenous communities, creating a new model for prosperity and generational opportunity for Métis and Indigenous communities.

With an emphasis on sustainable infrastructure development, the newly formed Development Corporation is taking its first step towards developing an East-West Indigenous ownership corridor across Canada, focusing on renewable energy projects that will result in green credits, offsetting Alberta’s oil sands emissions. This approach will support the oil sands industry in the Wood Buffalo region, while also creating new sustainable business opportunities for Indigenous investments and ownership.

“WLMN is on a mission to redefine the traditional relationship between Indigenous communities and industry players, said Willow Lake Métis Nation’s Vice President and CEO, Justin Bourque. Adding, “We believe that true reconciliation can only be achieved through equity partnerships that create community prosperity and opportunities for future generations of Indigenous communities.”

The partnership between Elemental and the Willow Lake Métis Nation will be driven by a collective vision of entrepreneurship and a mandate of diversification, sustainability, capacity building, equity ownership, inclusion, and infrastructure creation in the Wood Buffalo region and beyond. The newly formed Development Corp will pursue opportunities across sectors including, power generation and transmission, oil and gas, water filtration, housing, agriculture, transportation, environment data, aggregate, construction, heavy equipment, and engineering.

“Working with the Willow Lake Métis Nation has proven to be a productive and progressive experience,” said Chris Hornsby, CEO, Elemental. Adding, “The Elemental team is fully committed to converting current and future developments in the spirit of partnership and to create and achieve mutual economic value with the Willow Lake Métis Nation. The elements of our inclusive integrated development partnership suit our industry leading ESG developments and enhanced inherent economic rights.”

Willow Lake Métis Nation is launching the development corporation to support and contribute to the local economy and the future sustainability of the nation. This latest partnership is one component of a larger effort to redefine Indigenous relationships with industry partners. WLMN is working to provide the industry with a different Indigenous community-based business model. This development corporation will work with other Nations and Indigenous communities to provide opportunities and ensure a prosperous future for many Nations.

To learn more about this new strategic partnership, visit: https://www.wlmn.ca/

About Willow Lake Métis Nation
Willow Lake Métis Nation (WLMN) are a Métis community whose members now mostly reside in the community of Anzac, Alberta. WLMN’s roots lie in the history of the fur trade in Alberta and the economic and political circumstances that evolved during and after the fur trade.

The historical Willow Lake community was close to trade and travel routes that connected Fort McMurray and Willow Lake to Lac La Loche to the east, to Fort Chipewyan to the north, and to Lac La Biche to the south. Willow Lake Métis people lived on and derived their livelihood from the lands between these locations through much of the later fur trade period, and WLMN people continue to use these lands to exercise their Indigenous rights, sustain their culture and identity as Métis people, support their community, and pass their knowledge and way of life on to their descendants. Key Métis family lines represented in the WLMN community include Bourque, Cardinal, Huppie, Lavallee, McKenzie, Quintal, and Whitford.

For more information, visit: https://www.wlmn.ca/about-us

About Elemental
Elemental is committed to Infrastructure & Sustainability outcomes for Indigenous, Industry & Municipalities. “Elemental delivers industry leading integrated developments through a proprietary “Center of Excellence (COE) inclusive application model.” The result is a maximization of stakeholder outcomes through our iP3 & iEPC developmental structure.

Enhancing inherent economic rights and achieving outcomes inclusive of education, employment & capacity, equity & profit, as well as infrastructure & sustainability are Elemental’s core competencies & focus.

For more information, visit: https://elementalpower.ca/

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