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Willow Lake Métis Nation and Lethbridge Métis Local #2003 Enter into Memorandum of Understanding, Uniting Grassroots Métis Communities

The newly formed memorandum of understanding between Willow Lake Métis Nation and Lethbridge Métis Local #2003 commits to engaging and working collaboratively with grassroots Métis Communities through kinship and the desire to support Métis development across the Homeland.

REGIONAL MUNICIPALITY OF WOOD BUFFALO, CITY OF LETHBRIDGE, AB, July 13, 2021 /CNW/ – Willow Lake Métis Nation (WLMN) and Lethbridge Métis Local #2003 announced today they have entered into a memorandum of understanding. While the Willow Lake Métis Nation have formally undertaken the process of dissolution from the Métis Nation of Alberta, this new agreement is a commitment to continue working closely with all Métis people, across the province, to achieve common goals.

“Willow Lake Métis Nation’s journey to self-governance has always maintained focus on strengthening and developing the Métis people of Willow Lake while maintaining our connection to our identity, culture and homeland, said Willow Lake Métis Nation’s Vice President and CEO, Justin Bourque. Adding, “This new partnership with Lethbridge Métis is exciting as it provides opportunities for both communities to collaborate, learn, share and benefit from each other without political constraints. This relationship is a true testament that the grassroots Métis People want to work together to progress the Métis People regardless of political affiliation as our culture knows no such boundaries.”

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