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Willow Lake Métis Group Announces New Board of Directors to Drive Enterprise Growth

Willow Lake Métis Group (WLMG) is proud to announce the appointment of its inaugural Board of Directors, marking a significant milestone in the independent corporate governance of our group of companies. This development comes at a time of remarkable growth, solidifying our position as the preferred Indigenous industry partner in Northern Alberta. 

The newly established Board of Directors will assume responsibility for overseeing our business operations as an independent entity, separate from the Willow Lake Métis Nation (WLMN). With this strategic move, we aim to enhance our organizational structure and drive continued success. As we expand our presence in the Wood Buffalo Region, our partnerships with eleven industry leaders have positioned us as the Indigenous partner of choice.

“I have great confidence in the exceptional business acumen and vast experience possessed by our esteemed Board of Directors. Their valuable expertise will be instrumental in propelling our evolving business model forward,” stated Andy Harnett, Chief Executive Officer of WLMG. “We consider it a unique privilege to support our Nation and fellow Citizens through our work. With this accomplished team in place, we have established the necessary corporate governance and structure to create prosperity for our community.”

The newly appointed WLMG Board of Directors comprises the following esteemed individuals:

Willow Lake Métis Group Board of Directors: Mike Daley, Conor Chell, Saad Rahali, Dan Forigo, Catherine Koch (L-R)

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Recently, the team convened in Edmonton for a two-day strategic summit, where we solidified our organization’s vision, mission, and strategic priorities. This productive session further confirmed that our current group is poised to elevate WLMG to new heights. The unwavering focus and active participation in our strategic conversations demonstrated an unparalleled dedication to aligning our efforts with the targets outlined in the WLMN 5-year strategic plan.

The Board has outlined five key strategic priorities (Operational Excellence and Innovation; Financial Impacts and Results; Environmental, Social, and Governance; Growth; Accountability), which will drive growth as the WLMG Partners, and the Executive Team continue to establish themselves in the resource and infrastructure sectors.

“We are enthusiastic about this exciting phase of our journey, as the new Board of Directors propels us toward even greater success,” adds Harnett. “We are committed to creating opportunities for our community while fostering sustainable prosperity.”

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