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Willow Lake Métis Group and Spence Corrosion Services Ltd. Form Strategic Alliance

Willow Lake Métis Group and Spence Corrosion Services Ltd. Form Strategic Alliance

The newly formed strategic partnership between Willow Lake Métis Group and Spence Corrosion Services Ltd. will increase support to the corrosion protection of tanks, vessels, and piping, servicing the Wood Buffalo Region while generating economic opportunities for the Willow Lake Métis Nation.

Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo, Alberta, July 22, 2021– Willow Lake Métis Group (WLMG) and Spence Corrosion Services Ltd., announced that they have entered into a formal MOU.

The WLMG was created to support and contribute to the local economy and the future sustainability of the Willow Lake Métis Nation (WLMN). This latest announcement is one component of a larger effort to establish strong relationships with industry partners, allowing WLMG to become the strategic Indigenous industry partner of choice. WLMG is working to provide the industry with a different Indigenous community-based business model by providing full-service expertise for large scale projects, including maintenance, turnaround, and facility services.

“We are thrilled to have entered into an MOU with Spence Corrosion Services Ltd. To have a group with their innovative approach and focus on safety and technology, as we continue to grow our operations to take on larger projects across the industry, is an invaluable and important opportunity for WLMG,” said Willow Lake Métis Group President, Justin Bourque. Adding, “Over the last 18 months WLMG has worked to identify suitable strategic partnerships for both our business and our nation. Spence Corrosion has created the standard for industry quality and innovation. They are a organization that is aligned with the values of WLMG and coming together through an MOU furthers our mission of becoming the industries strategic Indigenous industry partner of choice.”

The alliance has already secured their first project for corrosion inspection and repair services at the CNOOC Long Lake facility; proving that the services of this joint team are needed in the region.

“Our alliance with Spence Corrosion Services Ltd. is a true example of what we are building towards collectively,” explains Andy Harnett, COO, Willow Lake Métis Group. “The fact that we were able to secure work as a team with a major player in the energy industry so early in our relationship demonstrates the value that we bring to the table when we strategically work together.”

Spence Corrosion Services Ltd.’s alliance with the Willow Lake Métis Group provides an opportunity to contribute to the local economy and sustainability of the Willow Lake Métis Nation. The intent of this alliance is to support the continuous engagement of business with Indigenous peoples, Indigenous-owned businesses, and Indigenous communities in the Wood Buffalo region.

“We are pleased to have entered into this MOU with Willow Lake Métis Group. We look forward to the opportunities it allows us as an Alliance to work on this together,” said Norm Spence, President of Spence Corrosion Services Ltd. “This Alliance is an important step in achieving our goal of working with groups in the areas we work to achieve their goals for future sustainability. The team at Spence Corrosion Services Ltd. looks forward to a bright future with Willow Lake Métis Group.”

To learn more about this new strategic alliance, visit: www.willowlakemetisgroup.ca

About Willow Lake Métis Group

The Willow Lake Métis Group exists to ensure our community has an opportunity to be industry leaders that contribute to our local economy and t he future sustainability of our community. We are proud to have established strong relationships with industry partners that allow us to become your strategic Indigenous industry partner. Working with each of the industry partners allows us to provide full-service expertise for large scale projects. We can handle a multitude of services related to maintenance, turnaround, and servicing of your facility. We are continuing to work towards building capacity and strengthen our mandate. Willow Lake Métis Group looks forward to working with the major industry players in our region in Northern Alberta to provide service and partnership at a new standard.

For more information, visit: willowlakemetisgroup.ca

About Spence Corrosion Services Ltd.

Spence Corrosion Services Ltd, founded in 2010 is a single source provider of water jetting, abrasive blasting, inspections, coatings, and rubber lining services. Spence has self-mandated a “Keep Humans Safe” initiative by introducing robotic services to reduce human exposure to confined space environments.

For more information, visit: www.spencecorrosion.com

Media Contact for Willow Lake Métis Group:
Name: Peter Pilarski
Title: Vice President, CIPR Communications
P: 403-462-1160
E: peter@ciprcommunications.com

Media Contact for Spence Corrosion Services Ltd.:
Name: Frank Gannon
Title: President, FTR Sales Consultants
P: 403-874-2403
E: fgannon@ftrsalesconsultants.com

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