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Willow Lake Métis Group and Maviro Group Form Strategic Partnership

The Newly formed strategic partnership between Willow Lake Métis Group and the Maviro Group will increase capacity for facility maintenance, turnarounds, through pigging and decoking and catalyst services, while generating economic opportunities for the Willow Lake Métis Nation in the Wood Buffalo Region.

REGIONAL MUNICIPALITY OF WOOD BUFFALO, AB, Dec. 2, 2020 /CNW/ – Willow Lake Métis Group (WLMG) and specialty service provider, Maviro, announced today they will enter into a newly formed partnership agreement, increasing their presence in the Wood Buffalo Region. The partnership will provide increased capacity for the WLMG, furthering their efforts to offer services related to facility maintenance, turnarounds, through pigging and decoking and catalyst services across sectors, in northern Alberta.

The WLMG was created to support and contribute to the local economy and the future sustainability of the WLMN. This latest partnership, is part of a larger effort to establish strong relationships with industry partners, allowing WLMG to become the strategic Indigenous industry partner of choice. WLMG is working to provide industry with a different indigenous community-based business model in providing full-service expertise for large scale projects, including maintenance, turnaround, and facility services.

“WLMG is on a mission to ensure a better future for each of our citizens, with a promise of prosperity for future generations. Our new partnership with Maviro will support our community as we work towards becoming the general contractor of choice in the Wood Buffalo Region,” said Willow Lake Métis Group CEO, Justin Bourque. “Maviro has a track record delivering exceptional workmanship, we are thrilled to partner this multinational service provider that has such close ties with Alberta.”

The Maviro Group services the North American Refineries, Petrochemical, manufacturing, Utility and Pulp and Paper markets with a range of Specialty Industrial Services. These services include decoking, pigging, filtration, catalyst services, crane-less catalyst loading, laser cleaning and surface preparation.

“Maviro is thrilled to be aligning with the strategic business and social initiatives of the Willow Lake Métis Group. This new partnership will allow us to offer a unique bundle of services, providing immediate benefits to our clients in the region,” said Bill Deering CEO, Maviro. “We are committed to working alongside the Willow Lake Metis Nation and their citizens to preserve cultural and traditional values, promote social sovereignty and drive economic sustainability.”

To learn more about this new strategic partnership, visit: willowlakemetisgroup.ca

About Willow Lake Métis Group: The Willow Lake Métis Group exists to ensure our community has an opportunity to be industry leaders that contribute to our local economy and the future sustainability of our community. We are proud to have established strong relationships with industry partners that allow us to become your strategic Indigenous industry partner. Working with each of the industry partners allows us to provide full-service expertise for large scale projects. We can handle a multitude of services related to maintenance, turnaround, and servicing of your facility.

We are continuing to work towards building capacity and strengthen our mandate. Willow Lake Métis Group looks forward to working with the major industry players in our region in Northern Alberta to provide service and partnership at a new standard. For more information, visit: willowlakemetisgroup.ca

About Maviro: Maviro is a specialty industrial services company and was formed from the unification of three long-established service companies: Mattawa Industrial Services, Vistec, and Envirosystems USA, Inc. in 2018. Maviro provides specialty industrial services to a variety of markets in North America, including refineries, petrochemical, SAG-D. manufacturing, utility, and pulp and paper.

Our services include pigging and decoking, catalyst services—including crane-less catalysts loading (Matta-Lift®)—surface preparation and laser cleaning. Due to our experience and expertise, Maviro has become an industry leader in industrial maintenance, industrial projects, and shutdown and turnaround services. For more information, visit www.maviro.com.

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