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WLMG with GrizzlyTrek

Willow Lake Métis Group and GrizzlyTrek Enter New Strategic Partnership

The new partnership between Willow Lake Métis Group and GrizzlyTrek will create mutual benefit for both partners and generate economic opportunities for Willow Lake Métis Nation in the Wood Buffalo Region.

REGIONAL MUNICIPALITY OF WOOD BUFFALO, AB, CANADA, MARCH 7, 2023 — Willow Lake Métis Group (WLMG) and GrizzlyTrek, announced today they will enter into a newly formed partnership agreement, increasing their joint presence in the Wood Buffalo Region. The new partnership will provide increased capacity to the WLMG for workforce attraction, management, training, and readiness, for operations, maintenance, and construction operations in northern Alberta.

The WLMG was created to support and contribute to the local economy and the future sustainability of the Willow Lake Métis Nation. This latest partnership is another step towards establishing strong relationships with industry partners, allowing WLMG to become the strategic Indigenous industry partner of choice.

WLMG is working to provide industry with a different indigenous community-based business model in providing full-service expertise for large scale projects, including maintenance, turnaround, and facility services.

“WLMG was developed to support the WLMN and Indigenous communities. Working alongside GrizzlyTrek we are certain that we will be able to support Indigenous individuals looking to begin or build on their career and skills in the operations, maintenance and construction industries” said Andy Harnett, Chief Executive Officer, WLMG. “Working with GrizzlyTrek we look forward to increasing our offerings around workforce recruitment and training, allowing us to better serve our industry partners.”

GrizzlyTrek is focused on creating employment and career opportunities for Indigenous People across Canada. By investing in their people, their relationships, and their partners, GrizzlyTrek provides ready to work individuals that meet job opportunities and that create lasting success for them and their business partners. GrizzlyTrek provides a ready to work (RTW) workforce, pre-screenings, proof of HSE tickets, drug and alcohol testing, talent attraction, industry-leading benefits, and on-the-job training and mentorship, providing retirement savings plans for all workers. 

“The vision of WLMG and GrizzlyTrek are directly aligned in our united efforts to support Indigenous individuals and communities,” said Allen Tobber, CEO, GrizzlyTrek. “This newly formed partnership is a yet another step forward for Indigenous business in Northern Alberta and our capability to take on large-scale projects.”lowlakemetisgroup.ca

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