Excellence meets innovation in industrial construction and maintenance. Established in 2015, Vault has rapidly emerged as a leader in the field, specializing in carbon steel and HDPE services. Vault’s commitment to efficiency, safety, and reliability has positioned us as the go-to contractor in the Fort McMurray region.

Vault is the partner of choice for cutting-edge solutions in mechanical, civil, and structural construction and maintenance. With a focus on HDPE and carbon steel pipeline construction, we bring unparalleled expertise to projects across northern Alberta.



  • Large diameter above & below ground piping including carbon steel, HDPE, stainless steel, Iracore & FRP/GRE
  • HDPE fusion using certified and experienced technicians
  • Facilities, pumphouse & compressor station construction
  • Structural welding & installation
  • Non-destructive examination and testing

Support Services

  • Constructability design support
  • Quality inspection & consulting
  • Project estimating, management, planning & scheduling
  • Project controls & engineering
  • Material purchasing, logistics & storage

Maintenance & Integrity

  • Integrity digs & assessments
  • Repair & replacement of piping systems
  • Coating assessments & repairs
  • Planning, scheduling & loss prevention
  • Wear resistance & cost saving solutions
  • Emergency response


  • Structural steel fabrication
  • Surface coating, painting & finishing
  • Pipe & CCO spool and double joint fabrication
  • Assembly & testing



In everything Vault does, they aim for higher quality results than anybody else, period. They approach projects as solution-seekers in order to deliver the best product to you.


Vault works hard and smart. Unlike larger contractors they can move in real-time to respond to project demands with a clear and concise direction.


Everyone on site gets home safe, without compromise. Vault sees safety as a duty and responsibility to their employees, customers, and project stakeholders.


Vault is a tight group. Vault-like some might say. The team rallies around a challenge knowing that they can draw from their combined experience to get things done right.


Commitment to the RMWB Community

Vault recognizes the profound impact their operations can have on the Wood Buffalo Region. Their commitment to sustainability goes beyond compliance—it’s a dedication to contributing to the long-term well-being of the community they operate in.

Vault is more than a construction and maintenance company; it’s an integral part of the Fort McMurray community. Through community initiatives and strategic partnerships, Vault aims to enhance the quality of life for residents in the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo. 

Vault’s commitment to the Wood Buffalo Region extends beyond economic benefits. By leveraging their expertise, they aim to drive innovation that creates lasting economic opportunities for the community.

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