Turning Point Surveys

Turning Point Surveys, based in Fort McMurray, has carved a niche in providing comprehensive construction and specialty survey, UAV, and geotechnical services that uphold the highest standards of precision and safety. Known for their dynamic and versatile team, Turning Point handles everything from heavy civil projects to underground, commercial, and municipal works, offering a one-stop solution for their valued clients throughout Western Canada.


Construction Surveying

  • Machine control support & design
  • All earthwork structures
  • Quantity tracking & reports
  • Topographic & site surveys
  • High precision leveling
  • All underground & above ground utility installs
  • Concrete & anchor bolt installs
  • Pile layout & support

Line Locating

  • Electrical lines
  • Gas lines
  • Water lines
  • Storm and Sewer lines
  • Communication and
  • Fiber Optic lines

Geotechnical Services

  • QA/QC Construction Field Monitoring
  • Material Testing

Drafting & Design

  • 3D Modelling
  • Layout Design
  • Quantity Tracking
  • Machine Control Design


Approaching their work with an unwavering commitment, their highly skilled team of professionals excels in tailoring their services to meet the specific and unique needs of each client and project, providing a personalized and responsive approach that ensures unparalleled satisfaction. This collaboration aligns with Willow Lake Métis Group’s commitment to working with trusted industry businesses to ensure a healthy and profitable Indigenous workforce in the region.

Commitment to the RMWB Community

Partnering with Willow Lake Métis Group is a landmark step for Turning Point Surveys. Based in Fort McMurray, Willow Lake Métis Group not only brings Turning Point closer to their community but also offers a chance to significantly enhance their reach and capabilities. They’re proud to join hands with a partner who truly understands the value of local presence and community involvement.

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