Willow Lake Métis Group News

The Bridge Between Reconciliation And Community Prosperity

Willow Lake Métis Group COO Andy Harnett recently completed an interview with business journalist Mario Toneguzzi about Willow Lake Métis Group and the work being done to fulfill the group’s mandate of becoming a bridge between reconciliation and community prosperity. In the interview, Andy discussed the current state of Aboriginal business and the maturity we see today in the industries and partners we work with. “Looking at Aboriginal business in general today, it’s much more mature than where it’s been in the past,” said Harnett.

Andy also spoke about the importance of industry partnerships in positioning Willow Lake Métis Group for success. These partnerships are a cornerstone piece of WLMG’s work to drive economic development, environmental protection and a sustainable future while protecting the interests of the Willow Lake Métis. In the interview, Andy discusses the unique approach Willow Lake Métis group takes to establishing partnerships with multiple businesses to avoid direct competition and create synergies across partnerships to ensure mutually beneficial outcomes for all parties.

When asked what he expects for WLMG economically in 2023, Andy looks forward to the year ahead with optimism. “Looking at it right now, it looks like some of the producers are going to start opening their purses and start to spend some money,” said Harnett. “This is great not just for us but all the contractors in the region and all the Aboriginally owned companies too, so hopefully that keeps up in the near future.”

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