Tank Inspection, Cleaning, and Repair

Working alongside Melloy Industrial Services, Spence Corrosion, GFL , Skyway, and WQS, WLMG offers a suite of tank inspection, cleaning, and repair services. Our offerings include general contracting, corrosion protection, tank cleaning, and scaffolding, insulation.

General Contractor – Lead

Operating for more than 40 years. Maintenance and turnaround services. Mechanical General Contractor. Full-time staffed superintendents

Corrosion Protection

Full-service provider with more than 150 years of experience. Industry leaders in corrosion protection. Robotics for confined spaces​

Tank Cleaning

Automated tank cleaning system. Leading industrial and environmental service provider in Canada

Scaffolding, Insulation & Fire Protecting

3D Design and Modeling, 3D Scanning, Leading insulation company

Testing, Evaluations, and Inspections

Non-Destructive Testing, and Field Evaluation Services. Visual and Asset Integrity Inspections.

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