Spence Corrosion Services Ltd

Spence Corrosion Services Ltd. is focused on combining safety and technology to maximize asset and business performance. They are industry leaders in the corrosion protection of tanks, vessels, and piping for the Oil and Gas, Mining, Petrochemical, Nuclear, and Fertilizer markets in Canada.

Their innovative approach to problem solving and solution development results in the protection of our people and your assets. Spence Corrosion Services Ltd. is a single source provider of services, including comprehensive tank lining, for all types of industrial bulk storage and process tanks, pipes and equipment exposed to corrosive and abrasive environments.

Spence Corrosion Services Ltd. is Canadian owned and operated. They provide the latest technology in corrosion prevention and the most time efficient solution to any storage tank lining problem, with a minimum amount of disruption. Their health and safety record along with their history of success will provide your project with peace of mind and superior results.

At Spence Corrosion Services Ltd., they value informing organizations about the best advancements in corrosion protection while creating quality solutions for asset management. They are committed to safety, decreasing costs, asset down time, and meeting project deadlines. Simply put, Spence Corrosion Services Ltd. creates the standard for industry quality and innovation.


Robotics for Confined Spaces

Spence offers robotic services that include:

  • Abrasive blasting
  • Vacuuming
  • Interior and exterior coating
  • Inspections
  • Robot technology improves safety and quality. Robots reduce project costs and increasing efficiency
Abrasive Blasting

Using our extensive knowledge and experience in abrasive blasting, we ensure:

  • The right surface profile and cleanliness is achieved
  • The highest bond strengths in new coatings and linings
  • Optimum blast media for the project
  • The use of the right equipment and pressures.
Water Jetting

Safe, efficient and non-disruptive removal of old linings, coatings, waterproofing membranes, rubber or chemical build up. With the use of 3D technology, no personnel enters the workspace, ensuring safety and quality every time.


Protect your equipment from harsh chemicals and environmental conditions with specialized coatings. Available in a variety of chemical compounds and characteristics. Applied in a manner that meets your needs. These coatings protect your assets from corrosion and abrasions

Rubber Linings

From small repairs, to full rubber re-lines, our rubber linings protect pipes, tanks and equipment against corrosion and abrasion. Available in a variety of compounds and characteristics, our engineers will ensure your asset can withstand exposure to the harshest materials.


They use the latest technology in corrosion management.

They are proud to be defined by their dedication to quality, safety, and protection.

Spence Corrosion places the highest importance on safety practices. They strive to continually improve procedures and maintain the highest safety practices. They have numerous certifications and memberships.

Spence’s comprehensive Quality Management System directs their work each step of the way. Guided by meticulous pre-job planning, their qualified technicians carry out their work, while final QC inspection and recording leave nothing to chance.


Commitment to the RMWB Community

Spence Corrosion Services are proud to have established strong relationships with industry partners that allow them to become strategic Indigenous industry partners.

Working with partners allows them to provide full service expertise for large scale projects. They can handle a multitude of services related to maintenance, turnaround, and servicing of your facility.

They are continuing to work towards building capacity and strengthening their mandate. They aim to provide service and partnership at a new standard.

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