Rock Iron

Rock Iron Industrial, with over 15 years of operational excellence, specializes in heavy civil, industrial construction, and earthworks. Known for its commitment to integrity, honesty, and respect, Rock Iron Industrial brings a wealth of experience and a strong track record of successful projects in collaboration with major industry players.


Excavation & Grading

  • Critical grade excavation and grading in tight subgrade tolerance targets
  • Capacity to deal with a broad range of projects
  • Technology, laser and GPS tech and experience to complete your job on design, schedule and budget

General Contracting & Site Management

  • Years of experience and industry relations with supporting sub contracting trades
  • Active representatives and cost trackers to the overseer’s interests
  • Immediate response project costing and breakdown on a daily basis
  • Ongoing design option review and task solutions

Industrial Services

  • Experienced oil field division specialising in the Earth works trade
  • Supplying the excavation and grading aspects for new site projects roads and pad spreads, including rig matting supply and placement, and maintenance crews for asset management


  • Experience in a wide range of specialized demolition projects
  • Interior, exterior, or fire demolitions with safety and efficiency as the highest priorities


At Rock Iron, behaving ethically is at the core of their business conduct. From their employees and leadership team to suppliers and project partners, they empower everyone they work with to lead with three key values: integrity, honesty and respect. They know that every action they take individually and together matters. And they don’t take that responsibility lightly.

Their ethical performance as a group is the sum of the ethics of every person who works there. That’s why they expect everyone to help them maintain the excellent reputation they’ve worked so hard to achieve in the industry, at site projects and in the communities where they live and work. In short, they believe in never compromising on their principles for short-term advantage.

Commitment to the RMWB Community

Rock Iron sees their partnership with Willow Lake Métis Group as an opportunity to expand their community engagement and development. They look forward to both expanding their presence in Northern Alberta and increasing their engagement in community-centric projects. The partnership will facilitate several high-impact projects that will not only boost local Indigenous employment but also enhance the infrastructural backbone of the Fort McMurray area.

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