GFL is a leading Canadian provider of essential waste management and field services. Through our environmental solutions, organics solutions, battery recycling and oil recycling divisions, they partner with industrial, commercial and institutional customers, including those in the manufacturing, mining, municipal, oil and gas, pulp and paper, refining and petrochemical, transportation, and utilities sectors. Headquartered in Burlington, Ontario, they employ approximately 2,000 people and operate an integrated network of over 70 locations across Canada.

In Western Canada, GFL operates 23 facilities and provides industrial field services on customer sites. Field Services include chemical cleaning, high-pressure water blasting, vacuuming, hydro-excavation and tank cleaning.

Industrial Services Division features:

  • 18000 square feet Facility located South of Fort McMurray (Rickard’s Landing Industrial Business Park) ​
  • Provide Day to Day Industrial Maintenance & Project/Turnaround Support​
  • Ability to execute multiple events simultaneously​
  • Largest event >44,000 workforce hours​
  • Team consists of Full Time & Seasonal Personnel that peaks at 300​
  • Investment in Automation​
  • Partnered with leading Manufacturers for training of Operations personnel


​Tank Cleaning​


  • Automated Tank Cleaning System
  • ExtractorTM – Online Sludge Processing Tool
  • UHP Wall Crawler
  • Line Cleaning Automation

Chemical Cleaning

  • Decontamination
  • Vapour Phasing
  • Turnaround Services
  • Vessel & Boiler Cleaning
  • Insitu Exchanger Cleaning


Pressure & Vacuum

  • Turnaround Services
  • Vacuum Services
  • HP Cleaning & Cutting
  • Exchanger Cleaning
  • Hydrostatic Testing
  • Hydro Excavation


Safety Performance and Culture

Investment into Automation
Enhances safety, reduces production downtime, schedules and overall spend, providing value to our clients

Extensive Training
Partnered with leading Manufacturers for certified training of Operations personnel

Project Planning and Execution
Project Manager oversees a project/turnaround from inception to completion providing consistency

GFL is Changing Waste for Good. They see both economy and environment as invaluable, understanding one cannot be prioritized at the expense of the other. With an unwavering focus on health and safety excellence, they provide services that reduce the volume of waste requiring disposal, recover value from industrial by-products, and restore industrial operations to peak efficiency. GFL provides these services through an extensive coast-to-coast facility network and through field services deployed on customer sites.


Commitment to the RMWB Community

GFL is committed to partnering with our local communities to build long-term sustainable relationships. This partnership with the Willow Lake Metis Group will provide customers in the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo and Cold Lake regions a local indigenous option for industrial cleaning, plant maintenance and shutdown services. The vision behind the partnership is to have a long and successful relationship that combines GFL’s operational expertise, safety, quality management systems and resources with Willow Lake Metis Group’s contracting capabilities to provide an extensive suite of services in the region. Servicing our clients in RMWB & Cold Lake Municipalities since 2007​.

GFL believes in supporting communities in the areas in which we work. Working alongside Willow Lake Métis Group helps fulfill this important corporate value. Together these entities strive to ensure a healthy and profitable Indigenous workforce in the region. Fueled by the expertise of a trusted industry business, this partnership will open the door for Willow Lake Métis Group in a significant way; through the partnership they will be positioned as the only Indigenous player providing these services.

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