Fabrication/Alteration/Repair of Pressure Vessels

WLMG offers a variety of alteration/restoration pressure vessel services in partnership with Melloy, GFL, Skyway, and WQS. Our suite of services include general contracting, catalyst change out, hydro vac, and scaffolding, sandblasting, and coating. 

General Contractor – Lead

Operating for more than 40 years Maintenance and turnaround services Mechanical General Contractor

Hydro Vac Services

Leading industrial and environmental service
provider in Canada

Pipeline Insulation

Leading insulation company.

Testing, Evaluations, and Inspections

Non-Destructive Testing, and Field Evaluation Services. Visual and Asset Integrity Inspections

Scaffolding, Insulation & Fire Protecting

3D Design and Modeling, 3D Scanning, Leading insulation company

Catalyst Change Out

Innovation and investment in new technology Can remove and install 120 tubes at a time

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