Corporate Overview

Who We Are

Willow Lake Métis Group (WLMG) is a full-service general contractor developed with the mandate of becoming a bridge between reconciliation and community prosperity.

Developed in 2020, WLMG is an initiative of the Willow Lake Métis Nation (WLMN), and is a tool for contributing to the local economy and the future sustainability of the Nation.

Today, we are proud to have established strong relationships with industry partners to become the strategic Indigenous industry partner of choice in the region. Working alongside our industry partners has allowed WLMG to provide full-service expertise and capacity for large scale projects including maintenance, turnaround, and facility services. WLMG is continuing to grow and expand our roster of industry partnerships, ensuring the group continues to build capacity and strengthen service offerings in alignment with our mandate.

Willow Lake Métis Group looks forward to working with the industry leaders in our region of Northern Alberta, providing services and building sustainable partnerships, that create a new standard for Indigenous-industry partnerships.


We are an Indigenous-owned group of companies empowered by innovation, growth, and cutting-edge technologies in the resource and infrastructure sectors. Guided by our strong commitment to Environmental, Social and Governance principles, our mission is to drive sustainable development, honoring our Indigenous heritage, and staying committed to a journey of consistent operational excellence.



To be the Indigenous partner of choice in the resource and infrastructure sectors, delivering lasting value, preserving Indigenous culture and knowledge, and excelling in Environmental, Social, and Governance practices.

We are improving the quality of life for the Willow Lake Metis Nation, its Citizens, and all communities we operate in.

Our Values

The Willow Lake Métis Group was founded and operates with the strong-willed, hardworking, and self-sufficient culture of the Métis people.

The Group and our partners believe in supporting communities in the areas in which we work. Working alongside Willow Lake Métis communities helps fulfill this important shared corporate value. ​Together each partnership strives to ensure a healthy and profitable Indigenous workforce in the region. ​We are fueled by the expertise of trusted industry businesses. ​

Our Value Proposition

Willow Lake Métis Group is committed to developing innovative approaches and solutions to complex industry challenges.

Our solutions not only provide major projects with services and capacity, but they also create community prosperity in the form of workforce development, regional employment opportunities, community prosperity, and reconciliation.

Northeastern Alberta Aboriginal
Business Association Membership

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