Your Strategic Indigenous Industry Partner

We are an Indigenous-owned group of companies empowered by innovation, growth, and cutting-edge technologies in the resource and infrastructure sectors. Guided by our strong commitment to Environmental, Social and Governance principles, our mission is to drive sustainable development, honoring our Indigenous heritage, and staying committed to a journey of consistent operational excellence.

Our Services

Maintenance, Turnaround and Projects

WLMG is pleased to offer our clients a complete suite of turnaround maintenance and projects.

Pipeline Installation and Integrity

Our pipeline services include, general contracting, pigging and decoking.

Tank Inspection, Cleaning, and Repair

WLMG offers a suite of tank inspection, cleaning, and repair services.

Downhole Completions

Our capabilities can be applied forestry, lease construction, drilling.

Repair of Pressure Vessels

WLMG offers a variety of alteration/restoration pressure vessel services.

Transportation and Logistics

WLMG is please to offer our clients a variety of transportation and logistics services.

Workforce Solutions

WLMG and our partners at Grizzly Trek provide clients with ready to work (RTW) workforce.

Our Partners

Willow Lake Métis Group is committed to developing innovative approaches and solutions to complex industry challenges. Our solutions not only provide major projects with services and capacity, but they also create community prosperity in the form of workforce development, regional employment opportunities, community prosperity, and reconciliation.

An infinity with the Willow Lake Métis Group logo in the middle. All Group partner logos are laid out in the infinity.

We are proud to have established strong relationships with industry partners that allow us to become your strategic Indigenous industry partner. Working with partners allows us to provide full-service expertise for large scale projects. We can handle a multitude of services related to maintenance, turnaround, and servicing of your facility.

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